Best Camping Hammock Chairs

6 Best Hammock Camping Chairs – The Ultimate Buying Guide

Who doesn’t yearn to get the most out of a camping trip? In recent years with our schedules becoming increasingly busy, we have come to realize the great importance of being able to take a break and breathe in some fresh air.

A perfect camping trip is possible if you plan ahead and create a checklist of all the things you might need. The key here is to anticipate all possible situations that you may find yourself in and plan accordingly.

Yes! That does mean you must think of a potential wild animal encounter too (fingers crossed!) But what is camping without that thrill of the unanticipated, right?

Even though camping is supposed to be about experiencing nature in its raw, untamed form, it does help to carry along some essentials like a good sturdy tent and a hammock camping chair.

Why do you need a Hammock on a Camping Trip?

The first question that may crop up here is why would you need a hammock when you can just use your tent. Camping has been associated with tents for so long that they are almost synonymous with each other.

We shall help you understand why carrying a hammock along can make your trip more interesting. Also, when we say hammocks here, we are perceptively excluding the types that are used indoors and in backyards.

  1. It helps you gain perspective by allowing you to sit in front of your camp, recline and just watch nature run its course.
  2.   It is much more comfortable than huddling up in your tent and struggling with the opening to get a glance of the outside.
  3.   If going on a group trip, this is a great option to just sit around a campfire and share stories and experiences.
  4.   Even when not camping, these come in handy for a beach trip or for even putting in your backyard.
  5. The foldable types take up very little space and yet are invaluable in terms of utility.

Things to Remember When Buying a Hammock Chair

Here is a comprehensive list of things you need to check when planning to buy a hammock chair. 


When we hear hammocks, we tend to think of the twirled rope swing that is often found in beach houses and backyards. But when in nature and in danger of being poked (LoL), it is best to avoid those hammocks.

We recommend using cotton or polyester material that would give you the necessary comfort. However, polyester hammocks are your best bet since they are more weather resistant and will not easily fade.

Strength, Size and Portability

Since camping is the need for which you are making this particular purchase, you must keep in mind how portable the chair is.

Choose one that can easily be folded and also one that does not take up much room in your tent if a need arises where you may need to take it inside.

Most chairs come in universal sizes and only differ in weight capacity.

If camping in a group, it is advisable to go for a sling hammock of a family or king-size that can fit many of your family or friends. Alternately, you can also choose to limit hammock chairs to two or three even in large groups to make your travel more compact.


You will undeniably be spending a good amount of time on this chair and hence making sure that it is comfortable enough is essential.

This is what makes a hammock chair better than a regular camping chair that is more often than not, uncomfortable, hard and plastic. The material of the chair adds to its comfort and you should keep an eye out for the same.

Where to Buy from?

We in the digital age resort to buying everything online. When investing in something like an expensive hammock chair, it is advisable to read ALL the reviews and check the seller’s return policy.

Choose a reliable website and always go through many options before zeroing in on one.


Although products with good reviews almost always deliver, it is best to ascertain that the seller offers at least a two-year warranty period.

We strongly recommend that you do not go for products that offer any less (even if they appear to be cheaper or more attractive) because after all, it is your safety that stands foremost in this case.

Chair or Swing?

As a camper, you need to make this difficult decision yourself. However, the points given here will help you make up your mind

  1. Already have a tent that hasn’t seen much wear and tear? Then go for a camping chair that can add to the aesthetic experience that awaits you at camp.
  2. First-time camper? Go for either but make sure that you learn how to set up the swing as it can be a little tricky.
  3.   Do a little research about your spot as some lands do not allow hammocks. Also, try and learn if healthy trees or anchor points are available for swings.
  4. Invest for a lifetime by choosing a good, sturdy one and something that you can store easily at home until the nature bug gets to you again.
  5. Hammock chairs are hands down easier to handle than beds or swings. But if looking for a unique experience, choose what your heart desires the most.
  6. Plus, you can always put up your hammock chair indoors and relax on it after a tiring day of being in civilization.

The Best Hammock Chairs for Camping

After setting up camp or even returning to the site after a trek, there is nothing more relaxing than to be able to lounge in a camping chair. This is a purchase that you cannot go wrong with as there are not many other comforts in camp to bask in.

So, we are here to help you choose the best from the best with our detailed reviews.

The Nemo Stargazer 

A little on the expensive side, this is a great choice for all campers. With a weight limit of 300 lb and yet being in itself quite compact, it has many features that catch one’s eye.

 It has good reviews online and one of the best things about is that it allows you to recline far back. Additionally, the legs on this chair are compatible with any surface.

Other added benefits include padded and adjustable head, armrests. It also comes attached with a cup holder to hold that beer while you soak in the experience.  

The only cons to this product are its price and the relatively low seat height of 12.6 inches.


The Segmart Hanging Chair

If your campsite is one with great and accessible tree branches, this is your go-to product. The main highlights of this chair are the fact that it is inexpensive and looks so great that you may as well hang it on your patio.

This is a chair that is abundantly padded and even comes with two extra pillows to add to your comfort. With a weight limit of 350 lb, this lightweight product also has a variable seat height.

The storage bag it comes in makes it easily portable. It has a hook which makes setting it up a matter of child’s play. The only cons are the fact that it requires an overhead awning or branch-like surface and has neither pockets nor cup holding space.


The Rio Foldable Hammock Chair

This is a bit on the heavier side with a product weight of 13 lb and a weight limit of 300 lb. The price is a reasonable one to pay because of the swinging feature that it offers.

The Rio has a padded headrest and a simple carrying case. What makes this product stand out from the rest is its oversized seat that can be comfortable for individuals who are taller.

The cons are that the armrests are quite small. Nevertheless, it’s a great steal for the price.


The Coast Trail Outdoor Rocking Chair

If you are big on the rocking aspect, we would advise you to skip this as it has minimal range and requires largely even surfaces for that particular function. This is among the heaviest of the lot described here at 16 lb.

The best feature of this product is that it has a dual nature. It can function both as a normal foldable camp chair and as a rocking chair when the leg attachments are fitted on.

It also has a collapsible cup holder, light pads on the seat and head area and fairly large storage pockets.


The Ozark Trail

This folding hammock chair is one of the most comfortable ones among the lot. Its weight limit is 300 lb but it is ideal for both children and adults alike.

The cherry on top is its relatively low weight, low price and compact nature which makes it easier to lunge around. This design resembles an actual hammock the most and is big enough for the little people to curl up in.

However, this also becomes its con as it lacks any structural features to offer head support. The low seat height of 12 inches also becomes an impediment but at the same time is found to be the best hammock camping chair for kids.


Hammaka Hammock Trailer Hitch

This product is a whopping 50 pounds and is a non-traditional swinging chair. The Hammaka needs to be installed on the hitch of your vehicle (ideally a truck or an SUV).

Due to the weight of the hammock, it requires a bit of effort to put up and take off. However, the time taken for installation is minimal enough to minus out the difficulties brought about by its weight.

The pro here is that you can use this either as a single hammock or two hammock chairs. It works well on uneven surfaces (which is most often the case on camp).


Some Gear to Add On

No matter which product you end up choosing, you will need to add on a few features to gain an optimal experience. But be careful venturing down this road and confirm that you get stuff that is well-suited to your chair/swing. Getting something from the same brand often ensures computability.

Here is a list of a few additional gears you may consider purchasing:

  1. Hammock Chair Stand: This is for those who do not want to hang your chair from a branch or awning. Buying stands made of sturdy metal that has a 360-degree range of motion is optimal here. However, this is not very camping friendly and may be used in alternate spaces like patios or lawns.
  2. Cup Holder: Some chairs come with a pre-fitted cup holder but in case you brought one without this feature, this is a must buy. Imagine having to bend down each time to pick up your drink or even worse, accidentally spilling it all over. This is a non-negotiable buy if you ask me.
  3. Accessories Caddy: Some of us need our books and journals at hand, even at camp. Perfect for fitting in all reading, writing equipment and even your tablets, if need be, this is often made of tear-resistant material and can be easily attached to most hammocks.

Which One Should You Choose?

The list above is based on the reviews and insights gained from thorough internet research and personal experiences.

Your choice should be defined by your requirements along with taking into account aspects like portability and affordability.

Nonetheless, we hope to have brought you closer to your decision of buying the perfect chair to accompany you on your tryst with nature.


Can hammock chairs be used by heavier people?

As said above, most chairs support a weight capacity of over 300 lb.

Are hammock chairs good for your back?

It is always recommended to sit in a good posture with ample head and neck support to avoid back pain.

Are hammock chairs comfortable?

Oh yes! They are a great piece of furniture to relax on.

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