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5 of the Best Hiking Shoes for Flat Feet in 2022

Heading out for a hike at any time of the year is a great way to stay fit. But for people who suffer from flat feet, finding hiking boots can be a difficult adventure. 

Having the right pair of hiking boots or shoes is important to make the most of any hike. But with so many to choose from, how can you choose the best pair for you? Take a look at our reviews and buying guide below for the best hiking shoes for flat feet.

A Look at 5 of the Best Hiking Shoes for Flat Feet

Best Durable Hiking Boots: Merrell Men’s Moab 2 MID 

These hiking boots are durable and comfortable.

The Vibram TC5-Plus soles on these Merrell boots provide the wearer with plenty of traction and grip. You’ll find that these shoes will prove effective at allowing you to traverse all types of terrain. 

However, we’ve chosen these because they have a contoured footbed that provides additional support to the arch and heel of your feet. The footbed is also flexible, helping to improve stability within the boot. 

These boots also feature Merrell’s premium cushioning that provides additional load-bearing capacity in the heel section. As they can absorb up to four times the weight of the wearer, they are very stable to walk in even on rugged terrain. 


  • Excellent traction over all types of terrain
  • Highly durable
  • Excellent protection and support to ankles due to extra cushioning
  • Breathable mesh upper provides adequate ventilation that keeps feet dry
  • Comes with a removable insole
  • Suitable to be worn as everyday shoes


  • Underfoot support can prove poor
  • Not waterproof enough for walking through streams 


Best Women’s Hiking Boots: Keen TARGHEE II MID 

For women with flat feet looking for comfortable hiking boots that are lightweight and waterproof, these boots from Keen are perfect. 

These lightweight boots for women will mould to your feet as soon as you put them on. You’ll also find that lacing them up is easy. Even if you go for a long hike when you first wear these, they are well padded, so the risk of getting any blisters is minimal.

This is the perfect boot for women to go hiking in because of the design of the footbed. It provides excellent support to the arch of the wearer’s foot and naturally cradles the contour of the feet. 

You’ll find that although the boots are constructed from leather, the PFC-free water repellent coating won’t allow any water to penetrate inside them. As for the rubber, outsoles provide the wearer with plenty of traction, even on slippery surfaces.


  • Comfortable to wear as soon as you take them out of the box
  • Easy to put on and take off 
  • Excellent arch support due to ample cushioning
  • Have a very grippy outsole to traverse muddy surfaces


  • Outsole isn’t very durable 
  • Ankle support is a little lacking


Best Priced Women’s Hiking Shoes: Jabasic Breathable Knit Hiking Shoes

Looking for women’s hiking shoes that are affordable and perfect for flat feet? Then look no further than this pair from Jabasic. 

Inside this pair of hiking shoes for women, you’ll find that there’s a thick layer of dual-density EVA material in the midsole area. Not only does this provide support to the wearer’s feet, but it also helps improve stability and shock absorption. 

This comfortable shoe comes with an anti-slip lugged rubber outsole that provides plenty of traction even over the most difficult terrains. Plus, your toes are well protected against any injuries due to the rubber and TPR-wrapped toe area. 

The material used to create the main body of these types of shoes will provide your feet with plenty of ventilation even when worn on sweltering days. 


  • Affordable price 
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • Lots of ankle support
  • Rubber outsole provides plenty of extra traction on all kinds of surfaces


  • Don’t wear as well as other brands
  • More suitable for wearing on short hiking trails or over light terrain


Best Waterproof Hiking Shoes for Flat-Footed Hikers: Columbia Men’s Crestwood Hiking Shoe

Many casual hikers and backpackers favor these pairs of shoes from Columbia. Not only are they sturdy, but they are also lightweight and provide excellent traction over uneven ground. The breathable lining makes them the perfect hiking shoe to wear if you want your feet to remain warm and dry. 

Columbia’s attention to detail sets them apart from their competitors. They use only the highest-quality materials to create their hiking sandals, boots, and shoes. This pair of all-purpose footwear will provide you with plenty of comfort for years to come, even if they are frequently used over rocky terrain. 

As with all their footwear, this pair of hiking boots is equipped with Columbia’s TechLite midsole. Not only does this provide the wearer’s entire foot with long-lasting comfort, but it also has superior cushioning. 


  • Will keep feet warm and dry because of the breathable membrane
  • Lightweight and great for wearing when hiking over uneven surfaces
  • Offer amazing traction over wet surfaces
  • Secure fit due to their lace-up design
  • A good amount of waterproof protection


  • The toe box is narrow, so not suitable for people with wide feet
  • Needs some improvement to the insole


Best Priced Men’s Hiking Shoes: Adidas Terrex Swift R2 GTX

Are you looking for a men’s pair of hiking boots that are nearly indestructible? Then this pair from Adidas is worth considering. 

These shoes have a rugged appearance and a sturdy and long-lasting build.

If you are looking for a pair of lightweight hiking boots or shoes, this pair is a good choice. These weigh in at just 408 grams (14.4 ounces), which is low compared to similar styles. 

The lace-up adjustable design of these shoes, similar to that used by Salomon, means that putting them on and taking them off is easy. Plus, once laced up, you’ll find that there is no movement around your forefoot, which is crucial when you are trying to hike over very rough terrain or rocky ground. 


  • Suitable for an experienced hiker to wear on rugged trails
  • Fit flat-footed hikers perfectly
  • Available at an affordable price
  • Have an excellent heel cup that provides extra stability when hiking over rugged terrain
  • Waterproof membranes help keep feet dry


  • Not very breathable 
  • Very firm when wearing 
  • May find grip is lost in wet conditions with steep terrain


Why You Need Good Hiking Shoes

Going hiking places a great deal of stress on your feet. Plus, when you hike, you spend time traversing all kinds of terrain and ground that are uneven and come with a potential risk of slipping. This is even more likely to occur if you wear the wrong hiking boots when you have flat feet. 

This is why buying a pair specifically designed to support and add additional protection to the base of your foot is crucial. Not only will it reduce your risk of getting injured, but it will provide added protection and comfort to your feet. No matter what kind of terrain you are hiking over, you’ll have a great time!

Benefits of Wearing Hiking Boots Designed for People With Flat Feet

Plenty of Cushioning

The inside of these types of boots will provide you with plenty of support and protection underfoot. This ensures that no injuries occur and prevents the wearer from suffering from Plantar Fasciitis. 

Good Ankle and Arch Support 

If you suffer from flat feet, you’ll also suffer from an overpronating stride, which means that your ankles roll inwards, placing all the pressure onto your toes. The boots that we’ve listed provide extra comfort to the ankle and arch to prevent this from occurring. 

Made From High-quality Materials 

Even in lightweight hiking shoes, the materials provide the wearer with an excellent support structure. They also help the shoe maintain its shape, further providing support to the wearer’s foot. 

What To Look For in Hiking Shoes for Flat Feet

You need to consider several things when shopping for the best hiking shoes for flat feet. 


You need all-around cushioning to protect your feet against the strain placed on them as you hike over various surfaces. Both the upper part of the shoe and the insole should have sufficient cushioning.

Arch and Heel Support

The boots you choose to wear when you go hiking need to contain a flexible mechanism inside that helps to raise the arch of your foot. This will help provide support and reduce strain as your weight is transferred from the heel to the ball of your foot. 


Look for hiking shoes made from robust materials, as these will provide extra protection and support no matter how long you wear them. Also, choose ones with a breathable mesh lining that will prevent the build-up of sweat and allow air to circulate inside the shoe. 


What could be worse than spending money on a pair of shoes to go hiking only to have to replace them a few months later? Opt for a pair made from reliable quality materials that provide plenty of durability.


How Do Newer Merrell Models Compare Against Older Models That Use Gore-tex? 

Generally, there isn’t any real difference between the Gore-Tex membranes used in this company’s hiking footwear. 

Do Keen Boots Have Good Arch Support and Ankle Protection? 

These boots not only offer you a good level of arch support and ankle protection but are also lightweight. Both these things help to make them comfortable shoes to wear. 

Can I Wear Hiking Boots in All Kinds of Weather? 

You’ll find that most boots and shoes you wear when you go hiking are designed to be worn in all kinds of weather conditions. 

Is the Jabasic Hiking Shoe Suitable for People With Wide Feet? 

These do come with plenty of toe room and are comfortable to wear but are more suited to women with a narrow foot rather than a wider foot. 

Best Hiking Shoes for Flat Feet Brands 


Since 1981, Merrell has been producing high-quality waterproof hiking boots that experienced hikers love to wear. The company always keeps its four core values in mind: design, comfort, versatility, and durability.  


Keen has only made hiking footwear since 2003 but is a popular choice with hikers who want extremely comfortable footwear. Their shoes also provide plenty of protection for your feet. 


Although they have just over ten years of experience producing hiking shoes and boots, Jabasic creates extremely comfortable, durable, and supportive footwear. They even make footwear for brands such as Fila and Diadora. 


Originally known as the Columbia Hat Company, this company was founded in Portland in 1937. Over the years, it is a company that has become known for being passionate about providing good quality outdoor equipment. 


Everything Adidas does is rooted in sports. They are known for being one of the most popular brands for sporting apparel, and for good reason. Their products are high-quality and fashionable.


Our buying guide that reviews some of the best hiking shoes for flat feet is here to help you make the process of choosing a new pair of hiking shoes a little bit easier. To find the best ones for you, we recommend visiting stores in person to try several pairs so you can determine which shoes are the most comfortable for you before making your purchase.

Taking your time to make an educated decision about your new hiking boots will ensure that they aren’t only comfortable but also protect against potential injuries on all kinds of hiking routes.

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