How To Store Camping Chairs The Ultimate Guide

How To Store Camping Chairs: The Ultimate Guide

After any camping trip or a visit to the beach, it is crucial to make sure that you put your camping chairs away correctly. When it comes to storing such equipment, there are specific steps that need to be followed. 

Below we explain how to store camping and beach chairs so that they are fresh and ready to use whenever you want. You don’t need a great deal of space to store such equipment, but a little creativity will prove helpful. You’ll also need to find a suitable area where they easily fit. Luckily, these types of chairs do not take up a lot of space.

Even though an outdoor chair for camping is made up of just a metal frame and canvas body, you still need to look after it. When you go camping or to the beach, the folding chairs you take with you will get exposed to all kinds of environments. Over time, they will become dirty and get covered in dust, and failure to take care of them may result in the structure rusting and the canvas deteriorating. 

Before we look at how you should store your foldable chairs, you need to prepare them for storage first.

Looking After Portable Camping Chairs 

Carrying out regular maintenance on any camp chair you have will prevent it from degrading so that you can use it for years to come. 

Tip 1: Brush Them

You don’t need to give your foldable camping chairs a deep clean following every camping trip. Instead, use a brush with soft bristles to remove any dirt, dust, or crumbs from them.

Make sure that you give all of the hinges on your folding chairs special attention when removing dust and debris, as they could cause a lot of damage in the future if not taken care of. 

Tip 2: Scrub Them

After brushing your folding chairs, if you notice that not all the dirt, dust, and crumbs have been removed, you need to wash them.

Mix some dishwashing soap with warm water in a bowl, then scrub the foldable camping chairs with a sponge. Next, take a clean cloth and some more warm water and remove any soap residue from the surface. 

NOTE: Never remove the nylon seat from your folding chairs and clean them in a washing machine.

After doing this, leave them standing to allow them to dry completely before you pack them away until you need them again. Doing this will ensure that mold or mildew can’t grow on the surface of your comfy seats.

Also, make sure you give the chair legs a good rub with a dry cloth to remove any excess moisture from the surface. If you don’t, over time, the water will find ways to get beneath the surface of the metal and cause it to rust.

Once they are clean and dry, you are now ready to store them away until you need your camping chairs again. 

how to store camping chair

Advice on How To Store Camping Chairs

These chairs are essential for any camping trip. Without them, you won’t have anywhere to sit and relax while enjoying the warmth of your campfire. 

Proper storage will ensure that your comfortable chairs for camping will stay reliable for a long time. Below are some ways to store your folding chairs to provide them with adequate protection when not in use. 

Ways To Store Folding Chairs To Free Up Extra Space

Hang Folding Chairs With a Hook 

Hooks that allow you to hang folding chairs often come with a bag that acts as a protective cover. A great way to store folding chairs is to put a few hooks or closet brackets up and hang them from shed or garage walls using the convenient carry strap on the bag.

You must ensure that the hooks are fixed well in place so that they can hold the weight of the chairs. Attaching the hooks to the wall is simple; either use a special adhesive or screw them directly into the wall. 

Using this method will help to free up plenty of floor space in your garage or shed.

Invest in a Camping Rack 

If you have several camping chairs or a 5-position folding beach chair that needs to be stored away, investing in such equipment is a good idea. Not only does this type of storage system save you plenty of space, but it will allow you to keep as many kids and adult chairs as you want. 

These racks have been designed for you to attach them to even a busy garage wall and provide you with easy access to the chairs quickly. But look carefully to ensure that the one you choose doesn’t come with specific weight limits. Also, use the correct building or construction materials to attach the device to the wall.

You could also use these racks for storing sports equipment.

Get a Storage Bin 

Storage Bins provide storage space to store a dozen chairs and many other camping items. They are useful for organizing everything you have in your garage, and they are very inexpensive. They will also protect your chairs from the dust and debris in your home/garage.


In order to keep your camping chairs in good condition, they must be properly maintained and stored. We hope that this article has taught you why and how to store your camping chairs more efficiently, so you can go on many more enjoyable camping trips in the future.

Overall, the most important thing to remember when storing camping chairs is that they can be easily affected by dust and debris, so keep them clean and in a safe place. 

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